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Magical Properties of Stones and Crystals

 This section of my site is intended to help my customers in considering stones for their wands and staves/walking sticks. This list is of stones I use the most and usually have on hand. Others can often be aquired when called for. Some types of stones (distinct from crystals) can be found cut and polished into points. I will use them from time to time as I see fit, or for specific requests. The main crystals used as points are quartz in its varieties, and Citrine.


A kind of quartz known as chalcedony, often with banded patterns of color. Nearly any color can be found but often a dark brown with white or reddish bands is found. There are many varieties (see following). Agate has been attributed powers of protection, victory, attracting love, promoting fertility in crops, turning away lightning or evil spirits, finding buried treasure, curing insomnia, and giving pleasant dreams.  It gives strength to mind and body, increases balance and is useful when sudden bursts of energy are needed. It has been said to be useful in promoting marital fidelity and also in strengthening sight, analytical abilities, and perception. Agate is a birthstone for the month of May.

Moss Agate

Dark green in color.  To it is attributed powers of eloquence and persuasion, fertility, eternal life. It is associated with Taurus and Venus, and also Gemini. Moss agate is one of the most powerful healing stones. It protects and enhances the aura and aids in opening the "third eye." Useful for meditation, scrying, astral travel, and speaking with spirit guides. Use in works pertaining to wealth, happiness, long life, and to find friends.

Tree Agate

This variety of agate is usually white with black, brown, red or green branchlike inclusions. It is a particularly Druidic variety of agate because of its association with trees. An ideal pommel stone in a wand intended for use in green magic related to agriculture, or the preservation of the natural world. Forest magic and works associated with the wilderness.


Not a mineral at all, but fossilized tree sap. Amber is highly prized for its connection to the ancient primeval forests. Amber has a powerful earth association, also with nature and forests and the spirits that dwell in them. Amber has a primal spirit and is associated with the ancient forces of nature. Norse Goddess Freja wore the magical Brisingamen  necklace the made of amber stones. It will bring a grounding force to your workings and put you in touch with raw primeval power.


Purple color and translucent, amethyst is traditionally given the power to avert intoxication. It is said to protect against evil sorcery and bring success and good luck. Amethyst enhances one’s ability to think clearly and avoid being confused or befuddled.  It helps with seeing through deception and avoiding self deception. A powerful healing crystal, it calms mental disorders, purifies the blood, and balances all chakras. It is associated with the third eye, clairvoyance, and the ability to cut through illusions. Amethyst is especially suited to wand work focused on spells of transmutation and transformation. Amethyst is a birthstone for the month of February.


A green quartz, sometimes called Indian Jade, it is a fortuitous stone used to release anxieties and inspire positive attitudes, good health, and independence. Linked strongly to Elemental Earth, it gives balance and calm. It is protective and can bring good luck in gambling, enhances creative visualization, writing, art, and music. It attracts prosperity and love, and unexpected adventures or incidents.


Green stone with red flecks like blood, this is another form of chalcedony, an opaque green jasper. Its old name was Heliotrope, signifying the turning of the sun. It is said to link the root and heart chakras. It guards one against deceptions and preserves health. It creates prosperity and abundance, and strengthens self-confidence. Also can remove obstacles, control spirits, cause storms, and help in court cases. In healing it can purify the blood, remove toxins, renew friendships or love. It is a birthstone of March.


A soft stone, easily scratched, but lustrous in green, pink, blue, and many other colors, including the beautiful amber "Honey" calcite. Carara marble of Italy is composed of calcite. It helps clear negative energies from the environment and the body, intensifies clarity and attracts love. Calcite helps to sooth and calm the nerves, permitting one to focus attention more clearly. This makes it a particularly desirable stone for use in wands.


An orange or reddish form of chalcedony, related to sard. Traditionally used to protect against the "evil eye," carnelian is said to fulfill desires. It speeds all manifestations, revitalizes and aligns the physical and spiritual bodies, strengthens concentration, increases the sense of self-worth, brings career success, and balances creative and organizational abilities.


Clear, pale yellow variety of quartz which can be used as wand points. it is used as a talisman against evil thoughts. It is useful for aligning one's ego with one's Higher Self, and for giving clarity of thought. Citrine has the power to strengthen one's ability to deal with difficult situations and enhances intuition. It is associated with the East, with the morning and the element air. It is a good stone for spells of communication. Usually citrine points are in the natural state and irregular in shape. Occasionally, I can find one that has been cut and polished.


More soft and breakable than quartz, translucent with whitish, green, and purple, stripes, florite can help to ground excessive energy, mental, emotional, or nervous. A powerful healing stone for all chakras, good for cleansing the aura, florite also aids communication with nature spirits. It enhances the understanding of abstract concepts, meditation, and study in general. It is an all-purpose amplifier of energy.


A dark iron-gray stone with a metallic luster, which exhibits a red color when powdered. hematite can be worn to gain favorable hearings or judgments, to win petitions before those in authority, and to protect solders. Hematite gives optimism, will, and courage. It repels negativity and gives strength to the physical and astral bodies.


Jade can also be white, pink, yellow, black, gray, or brown. There are actually two different kinds of stone called jade. jadeite and nephrite. Jade strengthens the heart, kidneys, and immune system. It increases fertility, balances the emotions, dispels negativity, and gives courage and wisdom. Green jade is famous for enhancing vivid and accurate premanition dreams.


A variety of chalcedony that is fine-grained, it may take many colors, but is often red. Bloodstone is a variety of jasper. Good for weather working, especially bringing rain It  stabilizes energy, and protects from negativity, drives away evil spirits, hallucinations, and nightmares, and is generally a grounding stone. It builds up steady energy for long periods of time.

Lapis Lazuli

Not a single mineral but a magical combination of dark blue lazurite, hauynite, sodalite, diopside, white streaks of calcite, and specks of gold pyrite. It is useful for removing painful memories from the astral and in the retrieving the shattered soul. Lapis lazuli is a stone of good fortune. It helps release tension and anxiety, increases mental clarity, creativity, and clairvoyance, helps overcome depression and aids communication with spirit guides.


Relatively soft, dark green stone with swirls and stripes of lighter green, malachite's color comes from copper. It is also valued as a protective stone, revitalizing the body and mind. It repels evil spirits, inspires tolerance and flexibility, enhances communication, and stabilizes energy. It is an excellent stone for creating through magic, strengthening the intuition. Malachite acts as a psychic mirror, amplifying the energy one projects into it and drawing one into other worlds through meditation.


Known for its luminescent sheen, moonstones are used in jewelry and there is much variation in color. They can be milky white or pale pinkish in color. Associated with the moon and the many deities which have been the personification of the moon. The energy relates to new beginnings. A stone that allows one to absorb that which is needed from the universe. A stone of feelings and emotions.


A type of chalcedony similar to agate, except that it has straight rather than curved bands of color. Usually black or white. Onyx balances male and female polarities, gives spiritual inspiration, helps face past life problems and transformational challenges. It protects against black magic, evil spirits, and aids communication with spirits. It is associated with the North. Black onyx absorbs all other colors and reflects none, all colors are within it. White onyx contains all colors. When most people think of onyx, they think of the pure black variety used in jewelry. Black absorbs and neutralizes negative energy. White onyx enhances open-mindedness and  helps one to use the imagination. All onyx colors and combinations thereof help one to absorb, from the universe, those energies which are needed. Black onyx looks very similar to obsidian.

Clear Quartz

A  powerful magical amplifier, quartz crystals are the most common stones for wand points. Amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, and aventurine are all types of quartz. Clear quartz is colorless and transparent. It generates an electric charge when heated or placed under strain. Crystal balls are used for scrying, and magicians have long used quartz points on their wands as magical amplifiers and aids to concentrate and direct energies.  I use quartz on many of the wands that I make.

Rose Quartz

Pink quartz is the love stone and aids in the feelings of warm pure love. It is a healing stone for mind and body. It aids in the development of compassion and reduces stress and anxiety. It enhances creativity and self-confidence and puts one in touch with the True Self. It is connected to the heart chakra, also to the crown chakra and the celestial love accessed there. Excellent for healing emotional wounds. An ideal stone for a wand that will primarily be used for love spells and healing.

Smoky Quartz

Grayish brown sometimes yellowish black quartz which aids in discrimination, aids meditation by grounding and centering. It blocks and negativity, strengthens dream awareness, and aids contact with nature spirits. Very dark smoky quartz, helps transform dreams into reality. It is a very powerful magical stone gathering, and amplifying any energy that is directed through it.

Rutilated Quartz

Clear quartz containing thin threads of gold or titanium or asbestos, sometimes called "Venus hair" stones. The rutiles enhance the transmission power and energy of the quartz. It enhances life energy, increases clairvoyance, transmutes negative energy, aids in communication with one's Higher Self, and increases the power of magical workings done with it.. It is very beautiful when light falls upon the rutile needles in the stone.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Clear quartz with inclusions of black tourmaline. It has doubled power of clear crystal. It balances extremes and is a powerful grounding and protective stone. It  is a stone thought to be an aid to seers and shamans. It attracts inspiration and helps to control fear.


A pink stone with thin veins or patches of black. It is used for enhancing energy levels of both body and mind. It has the power to deter unwanted interruptions on the physical or astral planes. Helps in keeping one's temper and reaching one's maximum potential.


Greenish, sometimes grayish stone with light and dark hues and white or black speckles, relatively sof. Serpentine increases wisdom and self-restraint. It is used to clear the channel of kundalini in the chakras in Hindu tantric mysticism.


A variety of chalcedony or quartz with a silky chatoyance with yellow and golden brown stripes. Tiger's-eye is a powerful protective stone, balancing emotions, and giving one clear insight. It helps to ground and center the magician and strengthens the magical will. It also brings good luck and aids in seeing the truth. Brings protection against bad will.


A stone, not a crystal, turquoise varies in color. Sky blue, to greenish-blue. It is a powerful stone for weather working, protection, and prosperity. It has the power to build bridges between worlds, and is a stone of knowledge, seeking and communication, highly prized among the Navaho. It is very powerful for works involving protection in astral travel and in communication, particularly articulation and expression of emotions, creativity, and intuition.



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