choosing a wand

When selecting a wand there are a few things you should consider.

-for what type of work will the wand be used

-your experience level

-is there a particular wood type you are drawn to (see the page on wood properties)

-particular stones that may have meaning to you asside from their comonly known uses( see the page on stone energies)

When you select a wand you will receive the actual wand pictured. Please tell me as much about yourself as possible and your experience level. This will help me prepare the wand for you. I will consecrate the wand and task it to your service just before shipping it to you.

If I am to make a custom wand for you, I will need to know as much about you as possible, and to what kind of works the wand will be put . I will need to know particular stones you want and what sort of wood (see the page on wood properties and see the page on stone energies)

If you are in need of guidence in selecting your wand, please feel free to contact me... I am very happy to help you in this.

I have worked with the magical properties of wood and the dryad elementals that dwell within the woods. I allow the spirits in the wood to guide me in the form it will finally take, adding the stones and carvings to a wand as it begins to take on its shape.

I love adding stones to a wand for their beauty and for their energy. I use rough stones, polished stones, cabochons, and faceted stones, I hold each stone in my hand to sense its vibrations, and to see if I feel like it agrees with what is known about that particular type of stone. Some types of stones that I use do not have a body of folklore built up around them, usually because they are fairly new to lapidary. In the case of these stones I use them based on my intuition, and the general feeling a stone brings to a wand.


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