Hand made wands.

All of my wands come with a black velvet drawstring bag/case that I make to go with them.

When you purchase a wand from me I will clense the wand of any excess vibrations it may have collected whilst waiting for its new home just before shipping. I recomend that you also do so when it arrives (just to make sure).

I awaken the dryad elementals that dwell within the wood, as I work and thus bring out the magical properties of the wood.  I allow the spirit in each piece of wood to guide me in the form it will finally take, adding the stones and carvings to a wand as it begins to take on its shape.

I love adding stones to a wand for their beauty and for their energy. I use rough stones, polished stones, cabochons, and faceted stones, I hold each stone in my hand to sense its vibrations, and to see if I feel like it agrees with what is generally known about that particular type of stone. Some types of stones that I use do not have a body of folklore built up around them, usually because they are fairly new to lapidary. In the case of these stones I use them based on my intuition, and the general feeling it brings to a wand.

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Apple Scroll Wand

Apple Scroll Wand

Lovely applewood wand. This wand is inlayed with copper scroll work in spirals around the body of the wand. it has a rough clear quarts natural point...

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